Esquelbecq book town


Sometime, little things are the causes of big things and great ideas.


For Evelyne Valois, current president of the association "Esquelbecq, Book Town ", while reading an article in a French Hunting magazine in October, 2006, about the birth of Fontenoy-la-Joûte Book village, she decides to take the plunge and create a book town in Esquelbecq. Since always, books are part of her life: bibliophile, she loves books and she likes this green small village with an exceptional heritage, typical of Flanders, which is Esquelbecq where she’s born, grow up and growth in her personal and professional life.


This is how a French hunting magazine changed her life; the inspiration was there to marry old stones and old books at Esquelbecq! To realize what represents effectively such a project, she organizes in January, 2007, a visit to Redu, book town in Belgium since 1984, with about ten persons already very interested by the concept. Ten days later, a working group is set up and gives birth to the association “Esquelbecq, Book Town”.


The town council, favourable to the project, offers to rent available premises allowing several booksellers to move in. Things start to move quickly, teams are formed to find financing and fundraising, others to find professionals who would subscribe to the project.


Since that day, passionate are always present and they are, each year, more and more numerous in defending the Book Town and striving to realize what passionate aims to achieve since 2007: THE book town of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region but also THE only book town in the North of Paris.