Notre Dame du Bon Secours, (Our Lady of Good Help)

Bissezeele Road

Situated at the public cemetery entry, it dates from the 19th century. On the entry lintel, few Latin words with roman numbers mention the donor, the construction date and the Saints that we can pray.

            On the altar, three beautiful polychrome statues are disposed: Saint Jack, Our Lady of Good Help and Saint Apoline.


Mater Christi, Socx Road

Situated at the junction of Socx Road and Somme Straete, it had been erected around 1750 and restored by the tourist office and the Esquelbecq parish in 1990.

            It has the distinctive feature to let pass on a certain period of the year, the sunlight through the bull’s eye above the access door, which create a halo around the Virgin Mary’s head that rest in the altar. The panelling kept several pieces of shrapnel that fell down nearby during the First World War.

A plate placed above the door is engraved of these words:

" Manant ou pèlerin qui passait par ici

Mettez genou à terre et invoquez Marie"

(Villager and pilgrim who are passing by

Kneel down and pray the Holly Mary)


Chapelle votive, route de Socx

The Wishes Chapel, Socx Road

Situated at the junction of Socx Road and Du Moulin Road, it is surrounded by two great Lime trees and was erected on 1964 in recognition to a granted wish.