The Castle


            The Esquelbecq Castle is quadrilateral flanked by 8 turrets. The white stones border, at mid-altitude, signals the Lords of the Castle great power at that time.


            The building, which one’s access by two bridges, is surrounded by moats. We assume that a first wooden castle existed, as far as the 9th century, to protect from the Scandinavian invasions, but nothing proves that it had been at the same place than the actual one.


            The last general restoration occurred in 1606, date that we could see on the keep tower before it collapses.

             At the beginning of the 17th century, several windows were disposed in walls that some of their bases had over 1 meter thick.


             The Castle and its outbuildings were subscribed at the Historical Monuments on July, 24th 1944. Following the Castle Keep tower collapse, an Esquelbecq Historical heritage safeguard comity campaigned for this edifice. His action permitted the registration of the whole site as a classified historical monument since September, 17th 1987.


The Esquelbecq Castle is not open to public

 but you can see through its gates:

-         The dovecote dated from 1606;

-         The gardens “à la française” adjoining the wooded park;

-         The caretaker house of 1590.

On the square, please notice the Inn “Auberge du château” (1615) which the gable is decorated by geometric signs.