Saint Folquin Church of Esquelbecq is very old (10th Century). It has been constantly reworked till the 17th Century to become a “Hallekerque” a typical Church of the Flanders which architecturally presents three naves at equal dimensions.

Classified at the Historical Monuments since July, 20th 1945, the Church Village is dedicated to Saint Folquin, Charlemagne’s first cousin and 15th bishop of Thérouane (near Saint Omer), deceased December 14th, 855 in Esquelbecq.

He’s prayed for fever and childless women.



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Unfortunately, on April 11th, 1976, the Palm Sunday, around 17h30, a gigantic fire devastated the whole church. Only the Baptismal funds and the sacristy were spared. The Church had been reopened for cult on 1978 Christmas Night.

The Flemish architectural character of the 16th and 17th Century that the architect had strived to is a well and truly success


To know more about the Church story, a guided

tour is possible for individuals or groups upon reservation at or the tourism

office**/Maison du Westhoek-9 place Alphonse Bergerot-59470 Esquelbecq

Fee: 2.00 € per person.