Welcome  to the cultural space :

"La Maison du Westhoek", a showcase of the authentic Flanders .

Several structures welcome  you:

Tourism Office**, Media Library, Exhibitions and shows room


Contact us: La Maison du Westhoek - 9, place Alphonse Bergerot 59470 Esquelbecq   

PH # Fax : -  mail : maison.westhoek@esquelbecq.com



Summer: from June 15 until the "Heritage Days" (included)
Closed Mondays - Other days: 10h-12h / 15h-18h
Mid-season: Easter and until 14 June and at the end of "Heritage Days" and even All Saints (excluded)
 Closed Mondays
 Open on Sunday afternoon: 15h-18h
 The other days, 10h-12h / 15h-18h
Winter: November to Easter (not included)
 Closed Sunday and Monday
 Closed Thursday afternoon
The other days, 10h-12h / 15h-18h


Esquelbecq, Typical Flemish Village


Esquelbecq village is situated in the heart of the Flanders. It Counts 2200 resident and spread over 1195 hectares. Esquelbecq preserved its authentic Flemish nature. Crossed from East to West by the Yser, a famous small river, lined up by numerous Oaks, that gives the village its name of Flemish origin Ekelsbeke which means stream of acorn. Esquelbecq is rich of history and traditions