What should you retain about

Flemish architecture :


v  Farms have open courtyard.

v  The traditional housing environment consists of brick and cob for walls, of tile and thatch for the roof.

v  Houses with low ceilings are scattered throughout the country side.

v  In town, houses possess crow-stepped gable.

This heritage was damaged by the wars and had to be reconstructed or restored. Belfries, symbolizing the local council power, are many in Flanders.

Other villages listed “Village Patrimoine” :

Boeschèpe, Godewaersvelde, Noordpeene, Oxelaëre, Renescure, Rubrouck, Saint Jans Cappel, Sercus, Steenbecque, Terdeghem, Volckerinckhove, Warhem and Zegerscappel.




Esquelbecq sightseeing circuit


8 pick up points to discover


v  The square

v  The castle and its Castle Inn

v  Saint Folquin Church

v  Saint Joseph school

v  The Town Council

v  The house called of “De Guernonval Knight’s house”

v  Thiriez brewery and Donkerwal manor

v  “Plaine au bois” 1940’s site of memory


       A 4.3 Km available at the Tourist Office or  Click here


      Practical information: the volunteer villager guides will share their knowledge, guide you through the circuit and tell you stories and anecdote lived in Esquelbecq. (Free guided tour)

Information and dates for guided tour are available at the Tourist Office + 33 3 28 62 88 57 or maison.westhoek@esquelbecq.com